Design Website Services

Your website is the biggest showcase for your business. So your design website is very important

Design a beautiful website

An attractive site will have a great impact on your audience.

Easy user interface

An easy user interface will make your site more accessible to many users

Your website identity

Your site should represent your business and its identity should be clear

DigiwWeb design website services

WordPress is a content management system that has attracted many fans with its easy and convenient user interface. Today, most small and large businesses prefer to use WordPress website design services rather than spend a lot of budget on coded sites with huge costs. Many big sites are currently using WordPress sites for their business.

The Digiweb website with experts and professionals in the field of WordPress, graphics and SEO promises you that your website design services will be provided in the shortest possible time with the best quality and speed and optimized based on the latest methods. Designed by Google.

You can have any type of website with WordPress, such as store, corporate, educational and personal websites with attractive and diverse templates.

  • One year free technical support
  • Training to work with the site panel in a video and for free
  • Introducing the site to the Google search engine
  • Basically and dedicated SEO
  • Standard site speed
  • Full site security
  • Professional website design
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More benefits of Digiweb design website services

In order to have a great site, we will provide the following services for you

Principle and eye-catching design

Our designers will create a unique and attractive site for you.

Compliance with global standards

We will meet all the standards of the day of web design on your site.

Full facilities

You will have all the necessary facilities to manage and develop your site.

Training and support

We teach you how to manage the site and answer your questions. The Digiweb collection also has a year of technical support for its customers

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Responsiveness of your website

We design your site so that it is displayed correctly on all devices and you check it on any device, all the information will be displayed correctly. One of the features of the website design services of Digi Web Collection is the basic design of the website.


Website optimization and SEO

All the basic SEO and introduction to Google will be do on your site. If you need to get an acceptable ranking in Google and be one of the initial results, a dedicated SEO should be do on your site, which is also possible in the DigiWeb group. If you need, you can send your request

High speed

Your site will be loaded and displayed in the shortest possible time

Easy management panel

You can easily manage your site, of course, you will be sent training on how to work with the management panel

High security

All security tips will be applied to your site and many security doors will be placed


We are here to fix your site for free for one year if there is a problem. So don't worry about the technical support of your website

The steps of designing the website of the Digiweb Group

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1. Consultation

We will talk to you during meetings to get to know the nature of the project you have and to know what site with what features you want.


2. Set up the contract

After the consultation sessions, if you want to give your project to our group, a contract will be drawn up, which will be signed according to the agreement of the parties.


3. Wireframe design

After we understand exactly what you want, we will provide you with a general plan of the page structure and layout that you can see and if it needs to be modified, we will modify it until it is approved by you.

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4. Implementation of the design

After you approve the plan, the process of implementing your plan will begin and your site will be designed according to the approved plan

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Customers feedback

If more facilities are added according to the customer’s request, the price list will be changed. Please use the form below to register your request, or call the number listed below or send a message on WhatsApp to speed up the order registration.

**The price of the template and plugins will be added**


Shopping Website

$ 499.95
  • Free SSL
  • Home page
  • Contact Us
  • About us
  • FAQ page
  • Shopping page
  • Products page
  • info E-mail
  • Membership and login by email
  • Product sales reporting
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Introducing the site to Google for free
  • Creating a website security system
  • Good speed
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

Company website

$ 299.95
  • Free SSL
  • Home page
  • Contact us
  • about company
  • Product introduction page
  • Customer comments section
  • The staff department of the company
  • Agency page
  • Products gallery page
  • info E-mail
  • Introduction of Google site for free
  • Good speed
  • Creating a website security system
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

E-Learning Website

$ 349.95
  • Free SSL
  • Home page
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • FAQ page
  • Courses page
  • info E-mail
  • Membership and loginby E-mail
  • Courses sales reporting
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Introducing the sit to Google for free
  • Creating a website security system
  • Good speed
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

Online appointment site

Suitable for hairdressers, doctors, clinics
$ 199.95
  • Free SSL
  • Landing page
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Select date and day
  • Show empty dates
  • Disable reserved dates
  • Introducing the site to Google for free
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Creating a website security system
  • Good speed
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

Restaurant & Cafe

$ 449.99
  • Free SSL
  • Home page
  • Simple table reservation
  • Professional table reservation($100 charging)
  • Menu
  • Introduction of employees
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Introducing the site to Google for free
  • Creating a website security system
  • Good speed
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

Personally website

Resume website
$ 189.95
  • Free SSL
  • Home page
  • Skills section
  • Services section
  • Experience section
  • Portfolio section
  • info E-mail
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Introducing the site to Google for free
  • Creating a website security system
  • Good speed
  • Free training to work with the management panel of the website

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digiweb group has answered the most common questions that may arise for our dear customers in the form of frequently asked questions, so be sure to read this section carefully, if you do not receive your answer, send your question from the contact us section.

What system do you use to design sites?

We design all websites with WordPress content management system, which will be easier to manage by yourself. Currently, WordPress covers more than 50% of the websites in the world

Is the package more suitable for me or a single order?

If you want to save money and you don't have a hosting, domain, or logo, the package is a good option for you, but if you have a hosting, domain, and even a logo, only placing an order for website design is a better option for you. Also, those who order the package get 2 years of technical support instead of one year

How to submit an order?

After the consultation sessions and signing the contract, 50% of the contract amount will be received as an advance payment, and then the design work will begin, and after the design is finished and approved by you, the remaining 50% will be received.

Do you also register domain and host?

We are not responsible for domain and host registration, but if you wish, by providing your information and paying for it, we will register the domain and host for you.

Our suggestion is that you entrust this work to our group due to the knowledge of good hosting companies

How is your support?

Digiweb group has one year of technical support on design website services

Will the customer be left alone after the delivery of the project?

No - after the delivery of the project until the end of the technical support deadline, from time to time, with the permission of the customer, we take the accesses and check the website to get backup, update WordPress and plugins, and check the speed of the website.

Can technical support be extended?

Yes, you can extend technical support by paying a few fee

Are you responsible for adding products to shopping sites?

No - Digiweb will only add a few product samples to the site as a test then it will teach you how to add products so that you can do it by yourself

After the delivery of the project, do you provide the training file to the customer?

Yes - Digiweb will send you several video files on how to manage your website with complete details

Does dedicated SEO have a separate cost?

Yes, the cost of dedicated SEO is separate because expertise people specializing in SEO and optimization of the DigiWeb group will do it